Footguy Storms the Web

NOTE: This page is Netscape-Enhanced. You must have Netscape Navigator 1.1 or better to hang ten here. For the best results, make sure that you set your Options | Preferences | Cache and Network | Verify Documents to Once per Session.

Lynx users and other non-Netscapers can telnet to W.A.S.T.E. as the user "footguy" and see the glory of Footguy on a VT-100 terminal.

The current world record for watching Footguy (telnet version) is 14 hours, 43 minutes by If you beat this record, report it to We'll confirm it in our logs, and put your name on the Footguy Page!

This page was written to exploit the amazing features of Netscape's proposed HTML 3.0 specifications. To demonstrate the incredible power of dynamic document updating, I have ported the popular utility Footguy, the official screensaver of:

LameNESS Magazine

to the web.

Also note: Footguy is not very friendly.

New and Improved! (But looks exactly the same as the old one!)

Click below to launch the server-push version of Web-Footguy:

To launch the old client-pull version, click below:

* Read the Footguy FAQ. Now. Dick.
* Footguy had a .MOD written in his honour. Click here to download it. (201k)
* E-mail Footguy! Whoo-hoo!

Footguy in one line of C code:


Download Footguy for:

DOS Windows 3.1/NT UNIX Macintosh Amiga CLI

We are also looking to port Footguy to:

* CP/M
* Commodore C=64/128
If you can help, please contact Lord Toad.
Lord Toad