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The Plastisphere: The Arch

The Plastisphere: Squids

Art Shanty Projects Pandemic Winter Adventure Guide 2

Minneapolitan Air Design Project

Laser-cut shanty illustration

Art Shanty Projects Pandemic Adventure Guide 2021

Inktober 2019

Impulse Device

Art Shanty Projects Design

The Hole Formerly Known as the Longest Hole


Space Lounge Tunnel

Go Twin Cities Logo

Cyber Fairy Wings

Lotus Light

Borgo Built Web and Business Materials

Elevator Shanty

LED Array Experiments

Hack Factory Northern Spark T-Shirt Design

Alien Plants

Alimentix Logo and Website Design


Banana Piano

Monster Shanty

Tiny Shanty

space poem illustration

Mondo XIX Fest Shirt Design

Mercurial Logo

Star Tree

Star Seed


Windows To The Soul