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By starfive

On 13, Nov 2014 | In | By starfive

LED Array Experiments


Color-changing LED programming in processing, viewed on “Halo” light wall by Tangible Interaction.


Alien PlantsAlien PlantsAlien PlantsAlien PlantsAlien Plants

On 12, Nov 2014 | In | By starfive

Alien Plants


plastic, fiber optics, electronics

Some plants exhibited: All Worlds Fair 2013 – San Francisco, CA

I created a series of  alien-looking plants out of recyled plastics, fiber optics, LEDs and electronics. I was able to combine organic shapes through heating and shaping a variety of plastics, and technology with color-changing LEDs, to create something familiar, yet alien.

Video of Alien Flower changing color, controlled by an arduino microcontroller.



On 09, Nov 2014 | No Comments | In | By starfive

Banana Piano

Electronics, Bananas – Minneapolis, MN

A prototype of touch-sensitive technology soldered together entirely from individual components. Can be connected to anything that conducts electricity. By holding a ground wire and touching one of the bananas you can trigger a sound.